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1. The Journey Begins!

After venturing through our website, you've decided you're interested in working with us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! So, you request a free, no-pressure consultation with us.

2. The Consultation!

If the situation allows, we'd love to do an in-person consultation, but in these days of social distancing and COVID-19, we'll likely chat about your photography wishes via the famed Zoom or Skype or over the good old-fashioned phone. During our get-together, we'll get to know each other, while also crafting the perfect package for your photography needs. By the end of our conversation, you should have a number for what you can expect to invest in capturing your memories. We'll give you however much time you need to decide, but if you're ready on the spot, we'll be ready too.

3. You Picked Us! Yay!

After chatting with us during your free consultation, you've decided to honor us by selecting Ethography for your project. Thank you! Now, we'll discuss details (i.e. shoot date, which 501(c)(3) nonprofit you want to donate an hour-long session to, etc.) and sign a contract that includes the nitty-gritty and keeps us on the same page. For certain shoots (like events), we'll also get a "Must-Haves" list from you that includes the shots you don't want us to miss.

4. The Shoot!

The day has come! The logistical planning from earlier kicks in and allows us to have fun on shoot day. Whether it's a portrait session full of laughter or an event full of excitement, you can relax knowing we'll take the lead on immortalizing your memories in beautiful photos. After the session, we'll take the photos back to the office where we'll thoughtfully edit your photos by hand, without giving them the over-edited feel.

5. Picture Perfect Image Delivery!

Within two weeks of the shoot, we'll deliver your own private, password-protected gallery full of hand-edited images. If you'd like to make the gallery public or available to a wider audience, that can be arranged! You'll also be able to order prints and download images all from within your gallery.

6. Photographing Your Selected Nonprofit!

Once you've confirmed that your selected 501(c)(3) nonprofit wants the photography services (that'll happen around Step 3), we'll ask you to share a contact from the organization with us so we can begin a similar process with them after photo delivery for your shoot! Then, we'll take it from there. Your 501(c)(3) of choice will receive a free one-hour shoot with hand-edited images, a private gallery, and unlimited digital downloads! You can sit back, knowing you made a difference for one of your favorite organizations by donating the gift of photography, all while looking at beautiful memories from your shoot!

These are the basics, but each of our journeys together will be specially tailored to fit your needs, so request a free consultation so we can embark on this adventure together!

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